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News and Announcements

Underclassman Final Exams
Underclassman Finals will begin on Friday, June 20th, periods 1 & 3 and continue on Monday June 23rd, periods 4 & 5 and Tuesday June 24th periods 6 & 7. Make-up finals must be pre-approved and will be held on Monday and Tuesday from 11:00-1:00.
EHS Graduation live video stream!
Click on 'listen live' at 7:00 EST
Class of 2014 Picture Order Form
Are you looking for someone to take your seniors picture in his/her Cap N Gown (several poses with and without your diploma), picture with family members, any group picture with other members that have also paid and all "action photos" of the class? If so, here is your opportunity. Attached is the Class of 2014 Picture Order form.
Congratulations to the Winners of the 2014 Great Physics Land Race!
On Wednesday June 4th, 9 teams competed in the Great Physics Land Race in front of a crowd of 100+ EHS students and teachers. This was the final PBL challenge for senior Honors Physics: build a vehicle to transport 2 people around the island in front of the school. The only rules were: 1) It must carry both team members, 2) It must be human powered BUT you cannot touch the ground directly, 3) No bikes (bike parts OK), and 4) No brakes required. At the sound of the air horn the race commenced! Some vehicles advanced forward quickly while others only inched along, and still others fell apart at the starting line all whilst the symphonic band played them on! Memories were made and dreams were crushed as only 7 of the 9 vehicles that started successfully completed the circuit. The winners of the 2014 Great Physics Land Race were Sasha Rydlizky and Josie Schamle. Congrats to all of the participants and thanks to all who came out to support this great event!
Mrs. Corson's Spanish 3 Students Embarked On An Environmental PBL!
Students read/watched 4 authentic sources in the target language and then picked an area of environmental concern that interested them. They collaborated, found other sources, found experts in or around the community, and went to work! They each wrote a 5 paragraph expository essay on their topic, presented their findings to the school community, and then discussed their findings with each other in the target language in a fishbowl format. The whole process took more than 2 months and Mrs. Corson is SO very proud of them!!!!
Class of 2014 Senior Banquet
All seniors and their guests are invited to the annual Senior Banquet Wednesday, June 4th at 6:00. Seniors receiving honors cords and other prestigious honors will be recognized. Tickets are required (3 complimentary and up to two more at $10.00 each). Contact Mrs. Astbury at 667-4722 for more information.
The EHS Art Show, Spring Concert, and NAHS Silent Auction had a great turnout!
The National Art Honors Society put on a silent auction to benefit the club. This fundraiser was a true display of NAHS talent; students used their passion and technical skill in the visual arts to put together a piece to be auctioned. Sales benefit the club and will be put towards purchasing honors cords for graduating seniors in addition to other expenses.
Honors Physics Boat Races
The second PBL challenge given to the EHS Honors Physics class was to build a boat out of cardboard and tape that would carry one person the length of a YMCA pool and back. Students formed teams of three to compete for the best time and for the driest captain! Students were given three class periods for construction and on the fourth day walked to the YMCA to race the boats. Five out of the six boats succeeded, with the first place team completing the task in less than 40 seconds!
Rube Goldberg PBL
"Honors Physics was given the PBL challenge of building a Rube Goldberg machine with the purpose of turning on the safety shower with Mr. Enderlin standing underneath it. The machine needed a minimum of 20 steps and had to complete the task in less than 2 minutes. This video shows the result of their hard work."
Thank You All from the Student Council Car Crush Crew!
The Student Council Car Crush Committee would like to thank all those who attended our fundraiser; a good time was had by all!
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Principal's Corner

Welcome Ellsworth Eagles!
It is with great pleasure that I welcome each of you to the 2014-2015 school year.  Ellsworth High School is rooted in strong traditions and high academic standards and performance.  The academic offerings, athletic programs, and extra and co-curricular opportunities are broad and designed to meet the needs and interests of all students.  I challenge each of you to discover your passions early on and become involved in the culture and traditions EHS has to offer. 

Ellsworth High School will continue with our proven and successful targeted instructional support for students through our Focused Learning intervention.  Focused Learning is built into every students' schedule.  Students that seek extra help will be able to access their teacher(s) during this time.  In addition, teachers will 'tag' their own students that need additional support.  The purpose of Focused Learning is to increase students academic confidence and improve student achievement.

Project Based Learning continues to flourish at EHS.  Project Based Learning will be imbedded into each teachers' curriculum for the upcoming school year.  Project Based Learning provides students with relevant and unique hands on learning opportunity.

My personal goals this year include:
  • A strong focus on improving attendance in an effort to prepare our students for college and career readiness.
  • Promote and encourage consistent school-wide expectations .
  • Continue to prepare our teachers, parents, students and community for the transition to a proficiency based learning model.
How you can be successful at EHS:
We will provide you with the resources, opportunities, knowledge and skills to become what you want to be. The choice is yours how you apply what you gain from EHS.

My best for a school year that exceeds your expectations,
Renée Thompson, Principal

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